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Murano Glass Handmade Collars for sophisticated women.

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Necklace Adorna Rialto Store

Turquoise, Coral, Silver L: 27cm

Necklace Cordaria Rialto Store

Turquoise, Silver L: 27cm

Necklace Felice Rialto Store

Turquoise, Sliver L: 27cm

Necklace Groggia Railto Store

Turquoise, Coral, Silver L: 25cm

Necklace Margherita Rialto Store

Light beige, dark brown and shadows of Santa Margherita Necklace make your your autumn outfit more glamour. Steel, brass, aluminum, cotton, viscose, stones. L: 25 cm

Necklace Rainbow Railto Store

In a rainbow style for a woman who loves multi color appearance. Orginal Murano Glass Necklace Design. L:21 cm, W:171g

Necklace Cordellina Glass Rialto Store

It always looks as good as you do. Mix of various beads makes it very unusual.

Necklace Vida Rialto Store

Pieces of Murano Art Black, Red, Green and Yellow Collar L:24 cm, W:60g

Necklace Serenella Rialto Store

Murano Glass Necklace for fashion woman. L: 39cm
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Necklace Mora Rialto Store

Jasper, Onyx, Agate, galvanized brass and rubber. L: 30cm

Necklace Riella Rialto Store

Lapis, Gold Nuggets L: 24 cm

Necklace Biscotella Rialto Store

Murano Glass Necklace if you want to look originally and appreciate the impeccable craftsmanship. L:35cm
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