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Necklace Adorna Rialto Store

Turquoise, Coral, Silver L: 27cm

Necklace Bacini Rialto Store

Bacini Long Necklace for warmer days of Spring Summer 2017! Handcrafted by Venetian Artist dedicated to each girl who wants to feel special every day. L: 46 cm

Necklace Cordaria Rialto Store

Turquoise, Silver L: 27cm

Necklace Correr Rialto Store

Sapphire Blue, Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Black - Dark Sea Correr Necklace. Steel, brass, aluminum, cotton, viscose, stones. L: 27 cm

Necklace Cravatta Azzurra Rialto Store

Fashionable Blue Murano-Glass Tie Necklace with thousands ideas of tying. Be inspired by wearing it! L:49cm

Necklace Felice Rialto Store

Turquoise, Sliver L: 27cm