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Blog posts of '2016' 'November'

Christmas Parties? Wearing these Necklaces You Will Look Great
Are you ready for your Christmas Party? Any ideas what will you dress up? Don't forget about accessories. They play a big role! This moment is special and you should do everything to look good and charming. Surprise! The proposal of necklaces is ready!
Classy and Fabulous Woman
Classy and elegant woman needs to have in her private collection classy and elegant necklaces. High quality,not repeatable design of Venetian Glass Necklaces are designed to accent your neckline.
Choices - Olive Green and Necklace Fashion Month
The last days of Necklace Fashion Month, we want to stay nearer nature, when green is the powerful color and it is our proposal for last moments of November.
Zoco de l’Oca Mirano - The Goose Festival and Fashion
Mirano - a small town near Venice, Italy, but in November a true fashion runway! Long dresses, wonderful hats - take the short trip with Rialto Store. We have been there!
Necklace Fashion Month - Choices
Necklace Fashion Month - From Brown to Camel. Fashion has to be something special. In November we encourage you to add more brown shadows to your Autumn's outfits. Abrazia and Biscotella are the necklaces dedicated to you in this month. Click to get them cheaper!
Experiments with Pink!
What do you think about pink? Does it belong to your favorite colors? Do you like to wear pink clothes? If the answer is "Yes" you will like Reef Necklace, too. One of the CHOICES to take in November!
Mom! It looks Good on You
What happens when a mother meets her daughter. Talks Talks Talks!!! Constructive, honest and motivating.
Reef Necklace - From Pink to Fuchsia
"Choice" Campaign is about chances! The more the better! Reef Necklace represents the Autumn's palette of colors from light pink to purple. It has great colors and can be a perfect afternoon accompaniment. In November 10% Off - Enjoy the Fashion Month!