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Blog posts of '2017' 'January'

Carnival - Venetian Pearls in February!
Venetian Pearls and mask are the February attributes for a fashionable woman who enjoys Carnival. Handmade necklaces designed by glass-making designers are fabulous pieces of jewelry. Variations of styles and colors will add to your outfit more splendor. Tutti in maskera! Tutti in Perle Veneziane! Viva Carnevale!
4 Necklaces and a Pair of Jeans!
Four fashionable necklaces you can pair with your jeans! The best solutions to look gorgeous. Adorable necklaces help to solve your problem what to wear.
Necklace - the Secret of Woman!
Hello Spring, Good Morning Winter! Felice Necklace is a true happiness and a must of your new outfit! Vivid turquoise, charming coral and pure shell with silver - the secret of Woman's style during Summer and Winter!
Women Love Sale
Big Sale of Rialto Store in January! You will never get bored. Enjoy the happy sale and save up to 20%on your new necklace.