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Murano Glass The Real Emotion between Water and Fire
Murano Glass Makers are the Artists who play with the fire and water. Amazing manual skills, patience, high temperatures and endless shadows of colors and variability.
Reinterpretation and Modernization - Karl Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel
Ready-to-Wear, Haute Couture of the Karl Lagerfild Collections in Venice at the Ca'Pesaro - Coco Chanel "The Woman Who Reads"
Karl Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel - "The Woman Who Reads" Exhibition in Venice
Classic Style of Coco Chanel seen by Karl Lagerfild. His interpretation and metamorphosis of her vision are fascinating and extremely interesting. Experienced Fashion Designer and his point of view of women's appearance nowadays.
There is no dress without a necklace
The women worked to the very end of her life. Thanks to her 'a little black dress" style was born and it was trendy to mix fine and faux jewelry. Friends who joked said that there was no coincidence that she passed away on a Sunday, because it was the only day that her salon was closed, so it was the only day she had time to do it...
La Fenice - The Beauty of Culture and Elegant Fashion. Act II
It was a shock for the city. The date will always be remembered. Venetians' hearts were overwhelmed by a big sadness.
La Fenice – the Beauty of Culture and Elegant Fashion. Act I
It is unbelievable! It is only a confirmation that I have to go there and listen to the concert, opera or just sit down and inhale the atmosphere of the theater. It is on my ‘Must Places to See before I Die’ List.
Bacini – Have you heard about?
To give a name to a necklace is not so easy. It has to have its 'why'. Sometimes breaking rules give better ideas and make you richer in the perception of the world. I believe that things happen for a reason in live. Bacini is the starting point at Rialto Store and the first step of our journey.