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4 Necklaces and a Pair of Jeans!
Four fashionable necklaces you can pair with your jeans! The best solutions to look gorgeous. Adorable necklaces help to solve your problem what to wear.
Mom! It looks Good on You
What happens when a mother meets her daughter. Talks Talks Talks!!! Constructive, honest and motivating.
Reef Necklace - From Pink to Fuchsia
"Choice" Campaign is about chances! The more the better! Reef Necklace represents the Autumn's palette of colors from light pink to purple. It has great colors and can be a perfect afternoon accompaniment. In November 10% Off - Enjoy the Fashion Month!
Choices - Necklaces Fashion Month
"Choices" is about the chances! November-Necklaces Fashion Month! Pink and fuchsia, green and olives, brown and camel are the Rialto Store's necklace palette of colors. Wardrobe's must-haves. What is your choice?