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Elegant Murano Glass Bead Necklaces

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Necklace Abazia Railto Store

One of the beauties of Venice. Abazia Necklace is designed for every woman who wants to feel special every day.

Necklace Bacini Rialto Store

Bacini Long Necklace for warmer days of Spring Summer 2017! Handcrafted by Venetian Artist dedicated to each girl who wants to feel special every day. L: 46 cm

Necklace Biscotella Rialto Store

Murano Glass Necklace if you want to look originally and appreciate the impeccable craftsmanship. L:35cm

Necklace Canne Rialto Store

In the fashion world you cannot miss this elegant and delicate white and black necklace.

Necklace Cordellina Glass Rialto Store

It always looks as good as you do. Mix of various beads makes it very unusual.

Necklace Cravatta Azzurra Rialto Store

Fashionable Blue Murano-Glass Tie Necklace with thousands ideas of tying. Be inspired by wearing it! L:49cm