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NAME: Anna Marchiori (Ania)  Age:41

FROM: Poland

LIVES: Mirano (VE), Italy

PROFESSION: Business Development, Marketing

Founder of Necklace Fashion Brand Rialto Store

TRAVELS TO: UK, Germany, Greece, Egypt, Croatia, Hungary, Romania



In 2008 I moved to Italy. I was a lucky girl to observe a daily life in Venice, Venetians' habits and how life goes on the island. At the beginning it was really tough for me. New country, new language, new existence and challanges. After a couple of months I fell in love with Venice, its colors, atmosphere, hidden streets, “acqua alta” and even the humidity… I adored all its positives and negatives. 



My project started by accident. I even didn’t realize how my collage has been made. Days and years have passed and I occasionally participated in different events, performances and shows. Today, when I look at the past, I clearly see the three milestones and how my road took its shape.

Milan - I have travelled there to admire amazing jewelry companies, bijoux brands and fashion designers' creativity. 

Job - Finally, after deciding to quit my regular job I could participate in business courses which took place at one of the oldest glass-making schools and factories in Murano. Murano the fabulous island where the colors of Venetian lagoon are mixed with the long tradition of glass-making artists. There, I got to know the glass art and many interesting people who every day play with fire and water creating their particular glass creations. 

Coco Chanel in Venice - Seeing the exhibition in Venice it was a true sensation of stepping into her own appartment and private life. I always apploud her style and philosophy. I love her fashionable pearls, elegance and stubbornness to achieve goals. Seeing all her books, belongings I discovered that not only we have the same passions but also we are both Venice's lovers.


Ania Marchiori Rialto Store



I have always been fascinating by colors and human’s creativity. My vision of woman and her elegance have always been linked up to endless pantones of shades, jewelry, not omitting -  high quality shoes and leather handbags. Based on my philosophy, these accessories are fundamental and make difference of each outwear and create a personal style. It was my desire to find woman’s “aurea mediocritas” (the golden mean) which might be a mirror of her true feminine style, not repeatable and unique like eternal Coco Chanel’s style.  I did the sum of all my thoughts and the mosaic was completed. 

Venetian Pearls, the Glass with Class! – Necklaces Empower You!



I was deeply thrilled when the first order was made and the customer’s feedback arrived. I remember that moment as it might have been yesterday.

Dear Ania,The Cravatta necklace has finally arrive today!  Dorine is very pleased with it.  She thinks it is nicer than the photo and will get a lot of wear from it. Many thanks for persevering.  It is very much appreciated. Kind regards,Nigel.

The fear went gone and I felt like each part of my body was flooded by happiness, joy and satisfaction that somebody shared my taste of beauty. It was like a confirmation or a significance I took the right decision and could not stop just keep going ahead.



I try not to look other companies. My story is about implementing true treasures which means excellent manualness, hard work, experience, glass beads development for centuries and a long history of Italian fashion and design.  Venice, where the main paths of thousands merchants have been crossed and creativity was the main factor of existence and daily life. Necklaces are not only the “things” you can wear. I believe they are crucial “tools” in women’s hands to bring into being distinctive.

Venetian pearls are admirable. Their variety in design is created with an enormous passion, vision of colors, there are no repetitive pieces. Each Murano Glass Beads Necklace is the perfection of catching the right moment between the fire and water. It’s not the "cheaper solution"  to replace precious and very expensive gems. It’s the proof that long-term studies of various materials can be marvelous in their color and forms.    



I love people-watching in Venice. The period of Carnival is special.

It is amazing how the past meets the present and how they settle next to each other in the city. There’s always something I’m inspired by. Venetian carnival is the perfect opportunity to inhale the atmosphere and smuggle a piece of the rich history of “old Venice” into the present. At the meeting point of modernity and the noble past you always find something particular which remains unforgotten. You can find timeless pieces of jewerly covered by the dust in small boutiques and see how the glass beads are still impressive!


 "Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations."  Zig Zigar


1 year ago I said to myself: "I can and I will. I have to stop wishing, but start acting"


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