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Murano Glass Necklaces

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Murano Island  is the picturesque island near Venice where from centuries glass-making artists have designed fabulous and colorful necklaces for women. Wide range of various styles and shapes of beads are always timeless and up-to-date designs to underline necklines.

Handmade pieces are glorious and fantastic ideas to improve each woman’s look. The precious glass beads necklaces have been admirable by woman since ages. In each epoch of the rich fashion history of Venice is heard the echo of their splendor. Venetian pears are not repeatable in their design, were loved by Coco Chanel and are the true exclusivity for ladies who want to add more chic and glamour to their appearance.

Rialto Store belongs to the community and offers the unique pieces for women who look for something special to show up different.

If you are a girl who loves dressing up with colors - Rainbow and Vida are the best choices. There are endless possibilities of palettes and patters to wear with. These truly adorable treasures can be worn with endless shadows of colors and patterns.

Rainbow Necklace Mania Rialto Store


Vida Necklace Mania Rialto Store 

Do you need to look classier – choose the Impressione or Fenice Necklace. White and black or red and black are always high level fashion styles! They create a fantastic contrast and you will always look perfect. These accessories are a must of your home collection. If you desire to shock or have an important meeting and have to be elegant or planning to go out for dinner, there are no better eye-catching glass beads necklaces to dress up.

Impressione Necklace Mania Rialto Store


Fenice Necklace Mania Rialto Store 

Are you going for holidays and want to assimilate with the color of the sea or prefer yourself wearing white and blue?  Baccini Murano Necklace will keep your company, and you will be complimented. The composition of blue and sky-blue colors makes the necklace special. Evening parties on the beach? This is the necklace to show up to impress.  


Baccini Necklace Mania Rialto Store


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