Rialto Store.How to look gorgeous? Amazing necklaces to create your personal fashion style

Necklaces you will be wearing for the next six months

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Top trends Autumn/Winter 2017


Have you thought about your fashion style in the new season? What are your preferences?

Feminity also means unique accessories you can use to add more chic and make your look more interesting. 

Truly handmade necklaces are about celebrating and underlining your individuality and personal style.  These necklaces will match all trends in the next season and fulfill your wishes. 

Next to the padding, lines and cosy knits, necklace is a must of your wardrobe. Unrepeatable design to add more sense of fashion and show up your self-assuredness. Thanks to them your look will be distict. They allow you to be worn with many ways. It's incredibilly easy to create a fantastic looks for different occasions! 

Any sterling silver pleat jacket or skirt to wear?  Add the modern twist of classic for your perfect look! - Capuzzi Necklace, now! 

Necklace Capuzzi Rialto Store 


Are you planning to look more “folk”?  Dress up with the colorful necklace of Rialto Store

Necklace Vida Rialto Store


Triumphant denim  - always fashionable!  This necklace is for your everyday comfort and elegance

Necklace Riella Rialto Store


Do you like wearing and be cuddled by cosy knits? Wool is redefined in new ways nowadays.

Match its craze with San Rocco necklace.

Necklace San Rocco Rialto Store


What about your office look?  Gray business suits are intriguing, white-collared shirts have arrived and you cannot forget about adding simple chic by wearing San Toma necklace!

Necklace San Toma Rialto Store


Turquoise and green tones – do you have anything in these colors in your wardrobe? Take it out! Now they are totally fashion. Want to look different? Rule your elegance by choosing  these necklaces!

Necklaces Nepal Collection Rialto Store


Autumn without brown or camel tones does not exist!  Make difference by dressing up Matinee or Margherita necklace!

Necklace Margherita Rialto Store


Necklac Matinee Rialto Store


Change Your Outfit! Change Your Look!

Pick the Type of Your Necklace that Best Suits You!





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