Rialto Store.Fabulous Necklaces for Women


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Necklace Adorna Rialto Store

Turquoise, Coral, Silver L: 27cm

Necklace Cordaria Rialto Store

Turquoise, Silver L: 27cm

Necklace Felice Rialto Store

Turquoise, Sliver L: 27cm

Necklace Groggia Railto Store

Turquoise, Coral, Silver L: 25cm

Necklace Matinee Bronze Circles Rialto Store

Brown and beige tones - BRONZE CIRCLES. No nickel, steel, brass, aluminum,string. W:50g

Necklace Mora Rialto Store

Jasper, Onyx, Agate, galvanized brass and rubber. L: 30cm