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Yes! I want – Murano Glass Necklaces Collection

 Elegant and Sophisticated Styles.

Light up your look with red and blue or play with contrasts

Rialto Store Necklaces Yes I want


Murano Glass Necklaces are absolutely necessary elements to express yourself

Spring and summer are the periods of a revolution in our wardrobes. Everything around us is the renaissance of colors not excluding fashion.  Jewelry transform themselves and illuminate our new looks.

It is the best time to think about you or to make happier someone from your relatives and friends.

Handmade necklaces from a picturesque island near Venice, Italy with a long tradition in jewelry allow you to demonstrate your true nature and enhance your personal style.

You can choose our favorite Murano Glass Necklace among multicolor, classic or more fashionable ones.  All of them were produced with originally Murano glass and designed by the jewelry designers from the island. 

Each piece is unique and every single necklace represents something special for you.  They recall a special emotion and represent a symbol of desire which you would love to come true.


Enjoy BLU - Bacini Necklace of Rialto Store

Bacini Necklace Rialto Store Yes I want


In the color of BROWN - Biscotella Necklace of Rialto Store

Biscotella Necklace Rialto Store Yes I want


SILVER and Black it is a fabulous combination - Canne Necklace of Rialto Store - say YES!

Canne Necklace Rialto Store Yes I want


Say YES and choose Cortesia Necklace of Rialto Store

Cortesia Necklace Rialto Store Yes I want


Different galss beads of Cordellina Necklace of Rialto Store? Yes, yes, yes!

Cordellina Necklace Rialto Store Yes I want


RED and BLACK - classic! Fenice Necklace of Rialto Store

Fenice Necklace Rialto Store Yes I want


Vida Necklace of Rialto Store is always fashionable!

Vida Necklace Rialto Store Yes I want



Dress up  a style which speaks about you



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